Sensitive Skin? 8 Tips for Preventing Contact Dermatitis

by: Mark Stephen Thevenot

Skin care products, makeup, perfumes and other cosmetics are a large part of our life.

Nothing can ruin your day like a rash on your face. They seem to magically appear just before the big reveal. For all of us, especially those with sensitive skin, irritant contact dermatitis or the more serious allergic contact dermatitis is a risk associated with any chemical substance applied to our skin. Fortunately, severe allergic reactions to cosmetics are rare. Unfortunately, mild or even severe skin irritations, which can include itchy red patches, swelling, burning or stinging, blistering and later scaling and peeling, are not uncommon. Here are some practical tips which can reduce your chances of experiencing skin reactions to cosmetics:

1) Look for products that are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. These are less likely to cause a problem. I prefer to select products with simple formulas, thus fewer ingredients. This helps me narrow down the offending ingredient if I experience a problem. I find that natural or organic products seem safer to me, but by all means, this doesnt mean they cannot give you a rash.

2) Try a skin test by applying the product

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to your inner wrist and wait 24 hours to see if you develop a negative reaction.

3) If you use a product that irritates you skin Stop applying any cosmetics to the affected area at once. In most cases of mild skin irritation, treatment with a low dosage over-the-counter topical ointment is recommended. However, your doctor should be consulted for proper treatment. He may also help you identify allergies through skin patch testing.

4) Do not share makeup or makeup applicators or brushes with anyone. You should use disposable applicators whenever available. Clean brushes and reusable applicators frequently.

5) Discard outdated products. Many products require preservatives. Over time they may no longer be effective against bacterial contamination.

6) Perfumes and fragrances are sometimes a cause of allergic contact dermatitis. Try putting these on your clothing rather than on your skin. Select fragrancefree cosmetics if you have experienced a problem with perfume in the past.

7) Read the products directions for use and any warning labels. Follow the directions and heed the warnings. Avoid excessive or inappropriate use of any skin care product.

8) Read the label and make a note of the products ingredients if you experience a negative reaction. This is the 1st step in the process of eventually identifying the ingredient that you should avoid in the future.

Following these simple tips cannot guarantee success but they should help you avoid that rash before your next Big Reveal.

About The Author

Mark Stephen Thevenot is a free-lance author of women-friendly articles and is currently developing a new web directory of women-friendly websites, articles by this author may be viewed at

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Facial Mask At Home

by: Sharon Hopkins

Spending a bomb to buy a facial product with claims of having all natural ingredients for beautiful skin and having drastic results on its usage is very depressing for any beauty conscious woman. We see wide varieties of cosmetics available in supermarkets, department stores, health food stores as well as internet and TV.

Not everybody has the same skin type. What product works on your friends skin, might not work for you and vice versa. If you buy a product for your skin type, it could have adverse effect as there could be some chemical or ingredient which could cause a reaction on your skin. Moral of the story Not all cosmetic products work well for everyones skin.

Cosmetics labeled as having natural ingredients do contain some amount of artificial chemicals or elements. With over priced cosmetics made from natural ingredients, many people have started preparing beauty products at home. ... Facial Mask At Home, all rights reserved where applicable